CENTAURI, Brand New PLANAR High-End Spirit Headphone

My Story


Andrea Ricci


The first collaborations with the Turin High Fidelity stores begin.


The Spirit brand comes to life in a series of furniture and
supports for Hi Fi equipment made of mahogany and walnut.


With a Dac Jvc z1010 and two Sennheiser 441 microphones
the adventure of field recording begins.


Starts his collaboration as audio technician with the association Amici del teatro Regio and the orchestras of the Rai Italian TV National Symphony Orchestra.


The Spirit Vision system is born as a reworking and reinterpretation of the Infinity IRS 2.5 system.


The collaboration with the musical association Polincontri classica of the Politecnico di Torino begins.


Preparation of the auction announcement for the audio system of the renovated Aula Magna. Spirit becomes a record label with the purpose of recording the concert lessons and concerts of the classical Polincontri season. The recordings are set with a bimicrophonic field effect technique and fine-tuned with Stax and Sennheiser headphone systems and then verified with the Vision system.


Collaborations with various musical associations of the Turin Panorama start.


The use of commercial headphones has now expanded not only to monitor recordings, but also as a reference for the tuning of audio systems.


The first modifications on closed and open commercial headphones begin, experimenting on the potential of different sound reproduction technologies.


Spirit becomes a prototyping laboratory dealing with the preparation and modification of a considerable number of headphones to meet the needs of enthusiasts.


The MMXVI is the first headphone designed starting from a commercial product and proposed as an experiment in design development shared with the Audiophile Gazebo Forum, followed by other headphones such as the Monoblock and the M3.


Andrea Ricci assembles the first Twin Pulse prototype, what will become the world’s first isobaric headphone motor unit.


The Twin Pulse is decorated for the first time with the dragon design: the Ragnarr version dedicated to the Viking King was born, which today is the prerogative of the professional versions.


The experiments with Binaural recordings begin.


Thanks to the help of an investment group, the Spirit Torino comes to life in its present form, prototyping and development can finally continue without compromise and the first series of Spirit Torino products is presented at Munich High end with the Superleggera, Grande and Twin Pulse.


Spirit becomes a sponsor of musical events such as the Rapalline jazz festival in Albenga and collaborates with many musicians both for the use of headphones in recording studios as well as for the Binaural recording technique.


Experimentation with magnetic fields applied to headphone drives allows the development of a drive with exceptional characteristics in terms of impulse speed and motion control.
Dekoni and Spirit rethink from scratch the pad concept that goes from thermal memory foam to alcantara and leather.


For the first time at the Tokyo Headphone festival the Radiante is presented: the first headphone in the world with an external passive radiator. In April 2019, Spirit obtains second and third place awards with the Superleggera and Twin Pulse, and the Gold Award in November 2019 with the Radiante.


The VPS variable ventilation system of the Pad is born defining the concept of responsible My-fi introduced for the first time in the Titano.