CENTAURI, Brand New PLANAR High-End Spirit Headphone
Technical Insight

Ventilation Pad System (VPS)

For the first time a variable front ventilation system is used in the Spirit range. This system has two distinct purposes: The first is to project the perception of the soundstage outside your head. The second is to partialize the ventilation surface by closing ducts and inserting a filter in the pressure compensation duct. Partializing these surfaces allows you to configure the headphone in three different modes: NB: for Super Leggera available only in a single configuration.


This configuration includes all open ducts and maximizes the perception of detail, wide soundstage and control of the bass range. It is also particularly suitable for tubes amplifiers.


This configuration is designed for those who want to listen essentially to the recording without any modification, or for those who work with music and need the highest degree of fidelity in the timbre. In this configuration the filter is inserted in the compensation port and makes the bass range more full-bodied, preferring a current-driven amplifier.


This configuration with three closed ventilation holes and the inserted filter makes the headphone more isolated from the outside and the bass range even more dynamic and suitable for use in environments with high background noise. Ideal for Rock and live effect electronics.